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Tubeless Valve Set


Have you noticed that every tubeless valve under the sun looks like it was cobbled together from rejects down at the inner tube factory? We did, and we thought we could do it better.

Our high-volume tubeless valves seal up easily without resorting to pliers and rim-crushing monkey strength. They flow more air because we designed them with the biggest air passage we could fit into a presta valve. Lastly they add crucial colorful flair to your wheels for an easy trailside conversation starter. They also come in black. But really, wouldn't red just pop?

Updated with captured O-rings and an even more leak resistant base.

2017 models come in 2 lengths:

Short stem: 19-27mm rims - if you use the included o-ring it�EE€�EEll work up to 29mm. "covers almost all aluminum rims.Use these for all e*thirteen rims

Long stem: 27-37m

Type: Tubeless

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