Chub Single Rear

Chub Single Rear

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Fancy the strongest singlespeed wheel you can build? Lay your foundation with the Chub Single Speed rear hub.

The Chub Single incorporates the technical advantages of our massive flanges into an ISO disc compatible, thread on singlespeed hub. The Chub SS decreases peak spoke stress under pedaling loads by a staggering 70%! In words not written by engineers, this means your wheels wind up less, accelerate faster, and won't blow up. F-yeah!

What's in the box: Rear hub


Flange Drilling 32
Shell Material Aluminum flanges bonded to carbon fiber shell
Axle Width 135mm
Bolts titanium m10
Disc Standard 6-bolt ISO
Freewheel Threading 1.375 x 24 tpi
Colors blackout
Weight 292g

Tech Info

Guaranteed to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 5 years after original purchase
bearing warranty
All bearings guaranteed for one year, no questions asked
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